Do you back up your data?

As a genealogist, I have many, many records, photos, etc., stored on my computer.  As a family historian, I have the same kind of records.  I do print out some of the records – I like having a paper copy at times.  However, many of the records are stored just on my computer – not in a file cabinet.

If I had a power surge, wiping out my hard drive, the surge would wipe out all of those precious records!

Even if I print out a copy, I also store every record on my external hard drive.  And, this external hard drive is disconnected from my computer when I complete my backup.  That way, if a power surge did occur, the surge would not harm this external drive.

Many people back up their data to an external drive on the 1st day of each month.  I do mine more often – a few times a month.  I do is especially on those days when I have “found” new data that I would be lost without.

Something to think about!