Phenie Cordelia Jones Babcock was my great-grandmother.  She had quite an interesting life – I plan to blog about more of her life in future posts.  A little of her life – she was born in New York, married a Civil War veteran, bore three children (1 daughter and 2 sons), moved to Tennessee because of the health of her husband (who died shortly after the move),  was a postmistress, became a missionary to Barbados, and died in Tennessee.

I sent away for her death certificate so that I could confirm family stories about her:

And, my goodness, what a lot of information I was able to add to my database!

I now have this confirmed (agrees with family story):

  • she died in Sunbright, Morgan County, Tennessee, on 1 January 1922
  • her age was 75 years 3 months 4 days
  • she was born in New York
  • her father was Sylvester M. Jones, born in New York, and her mother was Cordelia M. Cole, also born in New York
  • the informant was her daughter, Mrs. C. S. Lyon (Mrs. Charles Stanley Lyon) of Vernon, New York
  • she was buried in Burrville on 3 January 1922

There was also some “miss” information:

  • she was born 23 September 1922??  Obviously, the writer of the information made a mistake – she was not born before she died!  However, from her age she was born about 27 September 1846 (family story is 23 September 1846).

One never knows what information will be on a death certificate.  However, this one gave much!