Have you ever encountered a family ancestor who married someone with the same last name?  When this discovery is made, confusion becomes the issue – which family is which?

The Swope family is a good example of this confusion.  Benedict Swope III married Dorcas Swope in 1815 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

The following is the ancestral line of Benedict Swope III:

Rev. Benedict Swope – married Maria Welcher

Benedict Swope Jr – married Margaret Keener

Benedict Swope III – married Dorcas Swope

Now, the ancestral line of Dorcas Swope:

Rev. Benedict Swope – married Maria Welcher

David Swope – married Mary Montgomery

Dorcas Swope – married Benedict Swope III

So, since Benedict Jr. and David were brothers, Benedict Swope III and Dorcas Swope were first cousins.

Another connection in this same line is that of Margaret Keener who married Benedict Swope Jr.

The line of Margaret Keener:

Melchoir Keener

Margaret Keener – married Benedict Swope Jr.

And, the line of Christian Keener:

Melchoir Keener

Christian Keener – married Susanna Swope (a sister of Benedict Swope Jr.)

So, brother and sister, Benedict Jr. and Susanna Swope, married sister and brother, Margaret and Christian Keener.

In this Swope extended family, there is also a woman who married brothers (the first died, and she married the brother) and there are more cousins who are marrying.

So, when one encounters these situations, it is best to take the time and get it figured out.  If one doesn’t, then confusion will remain for sure!