One of my “ancestors” is Elijah Lyter Bradshaw.  He was “famous”.  Besides being the brother of my direct ancestor (Leander Bradshaw), he had an encounter with Wyatt Earp.

Elijah Lyter was a drifter, and he drifted from Kentucky to Tombstone, Arizona.  He was a miner in the silver mines there.  The year was 1880, Arizona was a territory, and Tombstone had a resident named Wyatt Earp.

Now, Elijah’s cabin-mate, Waters, had just purchased a new shirt, and it was a funny looking shirt.  Most of the other miners, and saloon goers, were making fun of him.  He warned everyone that the next man who kidded him about the shirt was going to be killed.  Well, Elijah walked into the saloon, and, not realizing what Waters had said, Elijah made fun of Waters.  Waters punched him down and left him in an unconscious state.  As soon as Elijah recovered, he went back to his cabin and got his gun.   Elijah went back to town, shot Waters four (4) times, and was arrested for killing him.  Wyatt Earp arrested Elijah, and took him before the judge.  Elijah Lyter Bradshaw was acquitted!

Wyatt Earp was giving testimony years later about his time in Tombstone, and related the above story.

Waters was buried in Boothill Graveyard, and Elijah was too (he picked the wrong girlfriend – she was already taken).  Sometimes it is difficult to be “famous”.