Today is Valentine’s Day.  On this day, many send and receive valentines from friends and loved ones.  The valentine does not have to be fancy – a jagged-cut heart out of red construction paper with your child’s name written in misshapened letters will be a mother’s most loved valentine.  A husband’s home cooked meal is a wife’s favorite.

I remember when school was the place where many valentines were exchanged.  Each student would make their individual valentine box, with a slit cut in the top.  We would all bring in our valentines, one for each student in the class, on Valentine’s Day.  During our ½-hour party sometime during the day, a room mother would come and bring cookies.  And, we would deliver our valentines to all of the boxes.  Then would be the highlight of the party – reading the valentines!  We would each sit at our desk and read the valentines that we found in our box.  There would even be one from the teacher!  It was wonderful!

I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day today!