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You have found your ancestor living in northern Ohio.  And, your ancestor arrived from Germany a few years before ancestor is found in the census.  Do you know where they lived before northern Ohio?

You never know where your ancestor may have lived between the time he/she arrived in the United States, and when he/she settled in northern Ohio.



Recently, I was researching census records.  The household was the last household on the page – was all of the household recorded on the page, or was it continued on the next page?


So, I looked at the next page of microfilm.  No, the family was not continued on that page.  However, neither were the household or family numbers!  The household and family numbers on the “next” page were BEFORE the numbers on the “first looked at” census page.


So, I looked at the “previous to the first” page of microfilm.  There was the rest of the ancestor’s household!  And, the household and family numbers continued from the “first looked at” census page.


Be careful!




When looking at the gravestone of your ancestor, make sure you look at every side of the stone.

For one person I researched, the reverse side of the stone listed all of the decedent’s children!



Bringe gravestone right

A library or other repository visit – wonderful time!  You found so much information too.

Don’t forget to write-up the research notes from your trip as soon as possible.  This will not be wasted time – the wasted time will be when you are trying to remember something that is “not very clear” in your notes.  Remember, right after your trip is when you will have the most time available for writing up your notes – not later when you can’t remember something.


You have found the manifest that names your ancestors!

Have you read the remainder of the manifest? It could be that there were relatives that traveled with your ancestors, but those names are not listed next to those of your relatives.



When looking in the census, it is very easy to look at those immediately before and after your ancestor as a neighbor or your ancestor.  This may not be the case.


I have had many an instance where the “neighbors” were spread out over several “sections” in a township – some of the “neighbors” did not actually share a property line!



Your ancestor may have had more than one obituary.

If you find the obituary in one newspaper, look in other papers in the same area.  There may be an ethnic newspaper that will print a slightly different version of the death.  Or, there may be a “Democrat” and a “Republican” newspaper in the town – there may be different versions in each of the papers.